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What is the best way to resolve boundary disputes with neighbors?

Fortunately, an attorney experienced with real estate law in Pennsylvania can help property owners address boundary disputes before they grow out of hand. Several different options exist depending upon the nature of your dispute. This post will highlight some of the most effective ways to resolve unwanted boundary disputes.

Professional property surveys

Is a trust a beneficial addition to your estate plan?

You probably understand why it is important to have an estate plan in place. This step can allow you to protect the interests of your loved ones, decide what will happen to your stuff and even plan for your own health care in the future. For many, they can accomplish their estate planning goals by drafting a thoughtful will. 

While a will can provide many benefits and types of protection, you may need more than a will to get the full amount of protection you need. You may benefit from establishing a trust. This is a specific type of estate planning tool that allows you to set aside and protect assets for a specific purpose. You may want to consider whether this may be a smart addition to your estate plans.

Speeding is still a top cause of fatal motor vehicle accidents

Discussions about fatal motor vehicle accidents typically revolve around intoxication and distraction. However, there are many other reasons these accidents occur. One cause that has plagued American roadways since the invention of motor vehicles involves driving much too fast.

Breaking any traffic law could result in a motor vehicle accident, but speeding is often particularly dangerous. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), excessive vehicle speed still plays a role in almost one-third of all fatal motor vehicle accidents. Worsening this issue, the GHSA believes that speeding "as a traffic safety issue" does not get proper attention.

What does it mean to fund a trust?

A trust is one of the most beneficial documents you can add to an estate plan. It helps ensure that your loved ones are provided for upon your death, and it can minimize the probate process. However, simply drafting and signing a trust document does not complete the process of creating a trust.

Wills and trusts both address your wishes for after you're gone, but creating a trust is typically more complex than drafting a will. There are many different types of trusts -- including testamentary trusts and living trusts. This post will discuss how to fund your trusts because an empty trust is a useless trust.

Estate planning 101 for residents of Pennsylvania

Estate planning has become a hot topic across the nation, and Pennsylvania residents have taken notice. In our firm, we have seen a new burst of interest in many of the topics surrounding estate planning. These topics include wills, trust, health care directives and many others. We believe that planning your estate is a healthy activity that can take the worry about end-of-life and other sensitive matters out of the equation.

Contrary to popular opinion, estate planning need not be a difficult or stressful process. While you can attempt to tackle this on your own, most people find it easier to reach their goals by working with an experienced attorney. This important step helps you identify what you need to include in your plan regardless of your estate size. The following section outlines three common estate planning elements for you to consider.

What is contributory negligence in personal injury cases?

To understand how contributory negligence applies in injury claims, you must first understand how negligence can lead to personal injury. One of the best ways to explain negligence is in a motor vehicle accident scenario.

Say you are driving along a roadway obeying all traffic laws and minding your own business. Out of nowhere, an impaired or distracted motorist comes along and crashes into the back of your car. You suffer a serious head injury, which leads to missed work and requires ongoing medical treatment.

Red flags warn you to walk away from a money pit

Buying a home requires many considerations. You may have your list of must-haves and your maximum budget. You have your financing in place, and you are searching your preferred neighborhoods for just the right place. Even when you find a place that checks every box on your list, there is still one more thing to consider.

Are you really getting what you think you are getting? In other words, is there something about the property you may be missing? Often, it is impossible to tell if there is something wrong with the house or property until you have had a chance to live in it for a while. Nevertheless, there are some red flags that may alert you to take a closer look before you sign any real estate contracts.

What can drivers do to prevent drowsy driving?

Drowsiness can have many impacts on a person. In certain contexts, these impacts can create major dangers. This includes when an individual is behind the wheel.

As is the case with drunk driving and distracted driving, drowsy driving poses major accident risks.

Avoid making financial mistakes during and after your divorce

As in all other states, many couples in Pennsylvania make the painful decision that it is time to end their marriages. Even when both spouses want the divorce, it is a confusing time of fluctuating emotions. On one hand, you may mourn the loss of your marriage. On the other hand, you may feel excited about starting fresh. While divorcing spouses struggle with the emotional side of divorce, they may neglect the event's financial side.

Ending a marriage often comes with significant financial consequences, which can continue for a long time if left unaddressed. Your attorney can help you shore up your finances during the property division phase of divorce, but you can do much on your own to improve your situation. Avoiding the following three finance-related mistakes during and after your split is a great way to get started.

Did any of these common reasons play a role in your divorce?

When people get married, most of them believe their marriages will last for the rest of their lives. Indeed, you may have held this notion closely as you said, "I do"—and you may have envisioned a life of happiness ahead of you with your spouse. Unfortunately, like many couples, you are now facing the prospect of divorce.

Every divorce is different and people have a variety of reasons for choosing to dissolve their marriages. You may have seen the end coming for some time due to a number of issues, or a sudden realization may have made it clear that your marriage would not last.

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