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Homestead laws offer some protection for homeowners

A sudden financial failure can leave a household without the ability to pay for itself. A foreclosure can take a property away and give it back to a lender. However it happens, there is little comfort for homeowners who are faced with the loss of the home.

One of the few protections in the case of foreclosure or other financial loss is homestead laws. These laws often let homeowners set aside a portion of their property as a homestead. This allows them to protect their equity as well as their living space from specific demands by creditors.

Facing a new reality after a loved one's frontal lobe injury

As much as medical knowledge has advanced in recent years, doctors and researchers are only beginning to understand the complexities of the brain. This is one reason why a traumatic brain injury can be such a frightening and upsetting diagnosis. While any damage to the brain carries an element of the unknown, if your family member has suffered an injury to the frontal lobe, you may have many questions about what to expect.

Damage to your loved one's frontal lobe can mean drastic changes within your family. You will want to be sure you surround yourself with skilled and compassionate people who can support and guide you through the many challenges ahead, including the medical, emotional, financial and legal needs you and your family member may face.

State taxation on inheritance should prompt financial planning

Wills make enough sense to people with families or causes they want to support beyond their own lives. These important legal documents direct authorities on how a person's assets and resources are divided after death, as well as save time and effort in probate court with potential disputes between inheritors.

Estate taxation has become an issue for fewer people after the passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, which doubled many exemptions to federal taxation. This left estate planners working with larger values to contend only with state laws and requirements.

Family law focuses on the best interests of the child

Divorce is always difficult, even if the partners have managed to rectify their emotional differences and decided that marriage isn't right for them. Time heals nearly all wounds, and people who get divorced often find themselves back on their feet before long. But marriage has a somewhat permanent aspect even after divorce if the partners are also parents.

Family law in Pennsylvania aids parents and children when it is difficult to determine who should have physical or legal custody of the kids. Physical custody has more to do with where a child lives, while legal custody deals with how a child's care and upbringing are managed. The goal of family courts is to determine the best interests of the child in question.

Tips to help you cope after abruptly receiving divorce papers

Some Pennsylvania divorces begin after weeks or months of resolution attempts by the couple. Other times, learning that a spouse desires a divorce occurs rather abruptly. Often, one spouse knows nothing about a wish for divorce until he or she receives divorce papers. As you might expect, receiving this news so unexpectedly can take the wind out of your sails.

Coping with a planned split is certainly difficult, but managing an abrupt breakup nearly debilitates some people. In our Brookville practice, we have seen this happen to many residents. Over time, we have learned a few tips that may help you and others cope with unexpected divorce proceedings.

Whiplash injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents

One of the most pressing concerns for injured motor vehicle accident victims is missing work during recovery. In most cases, financial hardship is the main impetus for personal injury lawsuits centered on motor vehicle accidents. Victims need to pay their bills while recovering, but the lack of income makes this difficult if not impossible.

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries suffered in a vehicle crash. It is a soft tissue injury that occurs when the victim's head is violently "whipped" back and forth during a collision. Sometimes, whiplash injuries are not severe, and victims can return to work quickly. Other times, whiplash may be severe enough to keep accident victims away from work for weeks or months.

Make sure your commercial lease does not expose you to risks

It's not easy to find a commercial space that is suitable for the needs of your Pennsylvania business. When do to find a place to lease that works for your company and fits your budget, you may feel tempted to go ahead and sign on the dotted line as soon as possible. It is smartest, however, to take your time and make sure that your commercial lease is not exposing you to any potential risks in the future.

The terms of your commercial lease are important. What is in this agreement will affect your business for years to come, and you will want to be sure that the terms are reasonable, sustainable and fair. Commercial leases are negotiable, and you will want to take the time to review the terms already in the agreement and work with the landlord to include other conditions and terms as needed.

Overcoming liability waivers that block personal injury claims

You have likely signed at least one waiver that is being used to absolve an entity from responsibility for a personal injury. If your child brought home a liability waiver for a field trip, you probably looked it over quickly and then signed it without much thought. Most summer camps require campers to sign a similar waiver before they can use the property.

Our lawyers want you and other Pennsylvania residents to understand that it is sometimes possible to challenge these waivers. Below you will find two examples of when you can fight against such a waiver and hold the entity responsible for your injury accountable.

The buyer risks associated with rent to own real estate purchases

Owning a home of your own is a large part of the American dream. Unfortunately, it is difficult for some Pennsylvania residents to qualify for a real estate purchase through traditional means.

A popular alternative for these people is buying a home through a rent-to-own situation. Under the state's real estate law, these purchases are 100% legal and could put you in a home of your own quickly. However, these deals do not come without a share of risk on the buyer's part.

Choosing the right type of trust

Estate planning often feels overwhelming. Adding to a person's trepidation, discussions about estate planning typically involves discussing issues of life and death. Further, the person who is attempting to plan their estate must make many critical decisions, especially when it comes to trusts.

You can find help making these decisions. Working with an estate planning attorney when choosing your trust provisions can take nearly all of the mystery out of the process. Additionally, your attorney can help you decide which trust(s) will best protect you and your family.

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