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Are you following these tips to prevent a car accident?

You know you could be part of a car accident even if you do nothing wrong. You also know that there are tips you can follow to enhance your safety, all with the idea of preventing trouble on the road.

Here are four tips that can help prevent a car accident:

  • Focus on driving and nothing else: Distractions are a top cause of motor vehicle accidents, so don't let anything take your attention away from the road. Cellphone use is a common distraction, so turn your device off before you hit the road.
  • Practice defensive driving: There is never a good time to act aggressively when driving. Driving defensively helps you avoid situations that can cause an accident.
  • Leave more time in your schedule: Driving safely means never being in a hurry. If you leave more time in your schedule, you won't find yourself on the road and in a rush.
  • Keep an eye on other drivers: Even if you're driving safely, others may not take this approach. From speeding to illegal lane changes, from distracted driving to driving under the influence, you need to watch others as closely as possible.

Preparing children for life during and after a divorce

When married parents in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, a daunting task can be telling the children the news and helping them to understand what this means for their lives. As you prepare to have this conversation with your children, it may be helpful to preemptively consider their likely concerns during this adjustment period.

Going through a divorce and adjusting to the major changes this brings to everyday life can be challenging for parents and children alike. Before you begin this new experience, it's important to prepare for how the family will function during and after a divorce. Consider some tips as you and your soon to be former spouse prepare to guide children through this next phase in life.

Follow these highway driving safety tips

When you find yourself driving on Highway I-80 through Pennsylvania, it's important to take caution to avoid any collisions. The shorter days and early dusk hours can make driving more challenging.

Winter weather will soon be upon us, so it's a good idea to review some highway driving safety tips that may keep you and your family safer:

  • Slow down. Know the posted speed limit and stick to it. Remember that in bad weather, you may have to drive even slower.
  • Don't follow too closely. Icy roads can make for slippery Pennsylvania roads. Beware of black ice patches.
  • Watch for large vehicles. During the winter months, you have to keep an eye out for snow removal vehicles on the highways, as well as the usual commercial trucks.
  • Safe passing is a must. Don't jockey for position in the lanes and never pass vehicles in the right lane.
  • Stay alert. This means avoiding distractions and never driving if you're drowsy. You should always have a clear mind with 100 percent of your focus on the road.

Many mistakes can result in a pedestrian accident

As a pedestrian, you have full control over where you walk and the steps you take to protect your safety. What you can't control, however, are the decisions made by drivers.

While you do your best to keep an eye on moving vehicles at all times, you know it's impossible to see everything that's happening around you.

Do these things to help your teen drive safely

As a concerned parent, you worry about your teenager every time they get behind the wheel. While there is no way to totally control the decisions your child makes, you can take some key steps to improve their safety.

Here are five things you can do:

  • Put a restriction on night driving: It may upset your teen, but this is important to their safety.
  • Put a restriction on the number of passengers: The more people your teen is driving around, the greater chance there is that they will become distracted at some point.
  • Talk about distracted driving: This is a leading cause of teenage motor vehicle accidents, so you need to discuss the types of distracted driving and how to avoid trouble on the road.
  • Show your teen what it means to drive safely: When your teen is driving with you, show them how to remain safe. Setting a good example is more important than you may believe.
  • Inform them of the consequences: Your teen needs to realize there are consequences of unsafe driving, such as a moving violation and the increased risk of an accident.

These fall driving safety tips are a must to follow

As summer gives way to fall, you can expect weather conditions to change throughout the state of Pennsylvania. While fall is a beautiful time of the year, it also brings many challenges to drivers.

Here are five fall driving safety tips to keep in mind in the months to come:

  • Watch for wet leaves: When you brake on wet leaves you may find your vehicle slipping, thus making it more difficult to maintain control.
  • Prevent sun glare: From wearing sunglasses to using your sun visor, keeping sun glare out of your eyes is important.
  • Slow down in the rain: If a fall rainstorm hits while you're behind the wheel, immediately slow down and leave more space between vehicles.
  • Watch for deer: Deer activity picks up during the fall months. Even if you don't strike a deer head on, swerving to avoid trouble can lead to an accident.
  • Maintain your vehicle: Vehicle maintenance is important at all times of the year. During the fall season, check that your tires are properly inflated and have enough tread. Also, your windshield wipers should be in good working condition.

How to heal following a loved one's wrongful death

Losing a loved one is hard enough. If your loved one died due to someone else's negligent actions, this can be downright unbearable to handle. This is what's known as wrongful death. You will still need to grieve. You will need a lot of time to heal from such a loss. There's no timetable for dealing with the loss of a loved one but here are some tips for healing.

The most important thing you can do is surround yourself with loved ones. You might want to shut down and be alone. This is the worst thing you can do. When you surround yourself with loved ones and friends you will be able to express your grief, sorrow and sadness with them. They will be hurting just as much as you.

Pennsylvania is the 4th deadliest motorcyclist state

Thanks to the state’s late falls and early springs, Pennsylvania motorcyclists can enjoy riding their vehicles for a longer time than other states in the country. Unfortunately, due to this longer time and many negligent motorists in the state, Pennsylvania had the 4th most amount of motorcyclist fatalities in 2016 and 2017.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) recently released the 2017 preliminary data on motorcyclist traffic fatalities by state. While the state did see a 3.7 decrease in fatalities in 2017, it still bear every other state except for Florida, California and Texas. If you plan on taking out your motorcycle for a ride on the Pennsylvania roads anytime soon, it is important to see what this study considers to be the most frequent causes in motorcyclist fatalities.

What does a 'dangerous dog' warning sign mean?

What does it mean when one of your neighbors post signs saying that they have a dangerous dog?

You need to be cautious. The odds are good that your neighbor's dog has already bitten someone. In Pennsylvania, the owners of dogs that have been deemed dangerous by the state are required to post notices on their property warning others about the animal.

There are many causes of indoor slip-and-fall accidents

It's easy to assume that when you're walking indoors, you don't really have to worry about your safety. Unfortunately, it's possible you could be the victim of a slip-and-fall accident when you least expect it.

Take, for example, a leisurely stroll through your favorite department store. Even though you assume you're safe, something could get in your way that causes an accident.


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