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Is it okay to start dating while getting a divorce?

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2019 | Divorce |

Dating during a divorce is one of those tricky areas of family law. On one hand, your spouse may not care what you do, but on the other hand, you might end up injuring your spouse’s ego if you begin a new relationship so soon. As many people have already discovered, it is unwise to upset your current spouse unnecessarily if your divorce is still in progress.

There are many other reasons to resist a new relationship if you are still legally married. For example, you may not be as ready as you think you are to enter the dating scene. For your own mental health, it is wise to wait until you have emerged from divorce completely and are emotionally ready to start fresh with someone new. Additional reasons to avoid dating during your divorce include the following.

  • Pennsylvania is an at-fault divorce state, which means that your spouse could raise adultery issues before the court
  • Dating during divorce may negatively affect your final property settlement as well as any spousal support you request
  • If you share children with your spouse, your kids may resent you for dating too soon, and it may harm their sense of security and well-being
  • Avoiding new intimate relationships gives you ample time to adjust to life after divorce, which means you will foster better relationships down the road

If you are ending a marriage in Pennsylvania, your attorney has likely cautioned you against dating until your divorce ends. Listen to your lawyer and take the advice he or she provides to heart. This can reduce the stress and anxiety you may experience while ensuring that you get a fair and balanced divorce settlement.