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Tips to help you cope after abruptly receiving divorce papers

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2019 | Divorce |

Some Pennsylvania divorces begin after weeks or months of resolution attempts by the couple. Other times, learning that a spouse desires a divorce occurs rather abruptly. Often, one spouse knows nothing about a wish for divorce until he or she receives divorce papers. As you might expect, receiving this news so unexpectedly can take the wind out of your sails.

Coping with a planned split is certainly difficult, but managing an abrupt breakup nearly debilitates some people. In our Brookville practice, we have seen this happen to many residents. Over time, we have learned a few tips that may help you and others cope with unexpected divorce proceedings.

Tip 1: Take a minute to accept what has happened

Although you have only a limited time to respond to divorce papers, taking a moment for yourself is important. Cry, scream, reminisce or do whatever it takes to purge some of the negativity you feel. Afterward, you will probably feel a bit more equipped to get on with the proceedings.

Tip 2: Seek out an experienced family law attorney

When you are blindsided with divorce papers, it likely means that you have little time to prepare yourself. Legal representation can help you avoid making mistakes during your divorce. Your attorney will also protect you and your rights through every stage of your breakup.

Tip 3: Take steps to protect yourself financially

An abrupt divorce puts your financial situation in immediate jeopardy. Begin by opening a new bank account solely for yourself and then taking steps to cancel joint credit cards. Your lawyer can give you additional details about protecting yourself from financial insolvency.

We encourage you to continue reviewing our website and our blog for more guidance on managing your divorce successfully.