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Car chase leads to 3 injuries in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Oct 9, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Although they are not unreasonably common, car accidents are a fact of life in Pennsylvania. Some collisions are minor, sometimes called fender benders, and the only real consequences are a call to the insurance agent and a trip to the body shop. But a few crashes in the Keystone State have greater effect on the people in or around the vehicles involved.

A lawsuit in civil court for financial damages may be warranted when a driver has caused a collision. This may be because one did something he or she should not have done, like use a cellphone while driving, or one did not do something they should have done, like yield at a stop sign.

In a few cases, a car accident may be the result of suspected criminal activity. A driver fleeing from police ended up striking a patrol car and a pedestrian. The resultant crash injured two state troopers inside the car and the person on the sidewalk.

The incident began with a suspected robbery, which drew the Pennsylvania State Police to the scene. A car chase led to the initial collision, which threw the patrol car onto its roof. The suspect then mounted the sidewalk and struck a bystander. The three victims were transported to nearby hospitals.

Regardless of possible criminal charges against drivers, victims of car accidents have the right to sue for financial damages to help with medical recovery and other related expenses. An attorney can help uncover the source of liability and determine if a lawsuit is likely to help victims get over a collision.