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Month: April 2020

Prepare for the unexpected after divorce

Leaving a marriage is a challenging time because almost every aspect of your life requires some adjustments. All of this is going to take a toll on you in some way. For many people, the unexpected things that they have to deal with make everything much more difficult....

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Can you trim your neighbor’s tree?

You built a new shed on one side of your property. It’s the right distance from the fence and you have all the right permits. After you built it, though, you noticed a problem. A sprawling tree on your neighbor’s property has heavy branches hanging over the shed....

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Is it time to update your will?

A few years ago, you decided that it was important to have a will. You knew that you were getting older, and with multiple dependents, you wanted to make sure that they’d have what they need after you pass away. You wanted to make sure people would know your wishes...

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