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Dump truck leaves road and strikes pedestrian in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

As a pedestrian who enjoys walking around your city, you never expect a vehicle to come up onto the sidewalk. There is a curb that is generally painted for visibility, and you feel like there is plenty of space for vehicles to correct themselves.

Unfortunately, some drivers do lose control and end up entering areas where pedestrians are standing. They may end up causing serious collisions with the people who are on a sidewalk, potentially leaving them disabled or worse.

This happens all over the United States, but Pennsylvania saw a shocking crash on June 12 just around lunchtime. A pedestrian was walking near the City-County Building when they were struck by a dump truck that had left the roadway. 

It’s not clear why the driver left the roadway, but he continued on until he collided with the pedestrian and building. A witness at the scene described the crash, stating that the pedestrian had been standing on the left had been found under the vehicle after the vehicle stopped moving. There is no news on how serious the incident was, but both of the individuals involved were taken to the hospital for their injuries. 

A crash like this isn’t common or expected, and it could leave someone with serious injuries or lifelong disabilities. If you are walking and are struck by a driver whose vehicle has left the roadway, remember that you do have a right to seek a claim against them. The injuries that you’ve suffered were completely preventable, but because of their actions, you’re now having to go through pain, suffering and major changes in your life.