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Family law focuses on the best interests of the child

Divorce is always difficult, even if the partners have managed to rectify their emotional differences and decided that marriage isn't right for them. Time heals nearly all wounds, and people who get divorced often find themselves back on their feet before long. But marriage has a somewhat permanent aspect even after divorce if the partners are also parents.

What are some fault grounds for a Pennsylvania divorce?

Getting a divorce is not quite as simple as it was in bygone days. Those considering a permanent split must make several important decisions before the process even begins. One of these decisions involves deciding whether or not to base a divorce on fault. A family law attorney can provide you with detailed guidance about pursuing a fault divorce. In the interim, this blog post will familiarize you with the grounds necessary for such a divorce.

Preparing children for life during and after a divorce

When married parents in Pennsylvania decide to divorce, a daunting task can be telling the children the news and helping them to understand what this means for their lives. As you prepare to have this conversation with your children, it may be helpful to preemptively consider their likely concerns during this adjustment period.

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