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Estate Law: Planning For The Future

Many assume that estate planning involves only the wealthy trying to protect assets or the elderly trying to get their affairs in order. However, estate planning is also a useful tool for families with young children who need to establish guardianship in case the parents are incapacitated or deceased. An experienced estate law attorney can also provide guidance to families and beneficiaries going through the probate process and the many other details that need to be resolved.

At Gordon & Dennison, we understand that each family is different and the needs of their estate are unique. We customize our estate planning services to address the needs of the client and to minimize the impact these challenges will have on the rest of the family.

Estate Law Services We Provide

We have the experience and knowledge to handle all types of estate law issues. You can be confident that we will work hands-on with clients and their families to address any estate law issue. Our services include:

Many find it difficult to contemplate their mortality or make important decisions regarding how assets should be distributed. While Pennsylvania does have a clearly defined probate process, avoiding these important decisions means that others will have to guess what your intentions were.

Ready To Begin Your Estate Planning Process?

By clearly and carefully considering an estate plan – and reviewing and updating an existing estate plan after any major life changes – you can even ease the mourning process by making all foreseeable decisions yourself. Working with a knowledgeable lawyer can lessen expenses, avoid overpaying taxes and guide families going through the probate process. If disputes arise, we can provide knowledgeable and unbiased guidance to resolve them quickly and effectively whenever possible.

Call Gordon & Dennison in Brookville at 814-759-4029 or send us a message through this website. We are happy to work with clients who live in the area or families that will go through probate in our local courts.