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Representing Your Mineral Interests

Mining has turned into a profitable investment for property owners in recent years. However, Pennsylvania law requires both property owners and the mining production companies to comply with strict regulations involving gas, oil and coal. These endeavors also involve a considerable amount of risk.

That is why it is crucial to consult an attorney before you allow companies to drill on your property. The attorneys at Gordon & Dennison have over six decades of combined experience advocating for property owners’ rights in Jefferson County and western Pennsylvania. We share your values and will negotiate on your behalf. Our goal is to maximize your profit and minimize damage to your property.

Protecting You Against The Risks Of Drilling

If you allow mineral drilling on your property, you deserve a percentage of the profit. Every situation is different, but this fact remains the same.

Our skilled attorneys help operators, landowners and production companies through the entire process. We provide a personalized approach to help you with:

  • Reviewing and negotiating lease agreements
  • Securing the correct permits
  • Negotiating royalties
  • Litigating disputes
  • Preserving your land
  • Resolving pipeline right-of-way issues
  • Taking precautions against property damage
  • Preventing breaches of contract
  • Addressing pollution issues

These endeavors involve a wide range of intricate details, and it is important to understand your rights. At Gordon & Dennison, we are determined to safeguard your rights against unfair drilling practices. We will support you and carefully handle every detail to alleviate your worries.

Taking Proper Precautions With Unpredictable Minerals

Fossil fuels are volatile substances. One wrong move could cause an explosion that results in irreversible property damage, severe injuries or even death. The lawyers at Gordon & Dennison are committed to protecting you and your property. We will set up protection plans during negotiations and aggressively fight to obtain proper compensation.

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