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How does the divorce process work in Pennsylvania?

States vary widely when it comes to divorce laws. Therefore, if you are eligible to file for divorce in more than one state, you should consider and compare the laws in each. To be eligible to file for divorce in Pennsylvania, at least one of the parties must have resided in the state for six months prior.

Tips to help you cope after abruptly receiving divorce papers

Some Pennsylvania divorces begin after weeks or months of resolution attempts by the couple. Other times, learning that a spouse desires a divorce occurs rather abruptly. Often, one spouse knows nothing about a wish for divorce until he or she receives divorce papers. As you might expect, receiving this news so unexpectedly can take the wind out of your sails.

Is it okay to start dating while getting a divorce?

Dating during a divorce is one of those tricky areas of family law. On one hand, your spouse may not care what you do, but on the other hand, you might end up injuring your spouse's ego if you begin a new relationship so soon. As many people have already discovered, it is unwise to upset your current spouse unnecessarily if your divorce is still in progress.

Avoid making financial mistakes during and after your divorce

As in all other states, many couples in Pennsylvania make the painful decision that it is time to end their marriages. Even when both spouses want the divorce, it is a confusing time of fluctuating emotions. On one hand, you may mourn the loss of your marriage. On the other hand, you may feel excited about starting fresh. While divorcing spouses struggle with the emotional side of divorce, they may neglect the event's financial side.

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