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Purchasing Your Home Or Business

Last updated on January 8, 2021

We work with Clarion Federal Credit Union, S&T Bank, Clarion County Community Bank, Wells Fargo, Quicken Loans, Union Home Mortgage, Jersey Shore Bank, First Commonwealth Bank, Bank of England, PNC Bank as well as many other lenders. We handle residential as well as commercial loans. Whichever lender you choose, we have probably handled a closing through it.

Don’t Leave The Most Important Financial Decision In The Hands Of A Settlement Company

Each real estate transaction is unique and brings with it a series of issues and problems. Our team can resolve these issues and solve these problems for you whether it means acquiring a right of way for a road; explaining how oil, gas and coal rights can affect your property; preparing and filing of an Inheritance Tax Return; preparing a Road Maintenance Agreement; finding a missing heir, as well as solving many other problems that can arise.

In addition, we make certain you understand the ownership rights which you are acquiring. At the same or lower cost of a settlement company, you are represented by an experienced attorney who can solve your problems and provide prompt and accurate answers to your questions.

Ask About Our Firm Issuing A Certificate Of Title To You As Opposed To Us Providing Title Insurance

If you are paying cash for the property which you are buying or your lender does not require title insurance, then ask us about having our firm issue you a Certificate of Title. A Certificate of Title costs approximately one-half (50%) of what the title insurance will cost and certifies that you are acquiring good and marketable title to the property which you are purchasing. Fifteen years ago or so which is before the advent of big banks that package and sell their loans on the secondary market, title insurance was not required by banks and other lenders. Why pay the middleman?

What We Can Do For You

The lawyers at Gordon & Dennison offer knowledgeable counsel in these and other areas: 

  • Preparation of Agreements of Sale
  • Residential and Commercial closings
  • Preparation of Deeds, Mortgages and Notes
  • Title Insurance
  • Certificates of Title
  • Construction Loans
  • Acquiring Easements and Rights of Way
  • Oil, Gas, Coal and Mineral rights (OGM)
  • Preparation of Installment Sales Contracts
  • Preparation of Rent to Own Agreements