About Gordon & Dennison

As personal injury attorneys in a close-knit community such as Brookville, Pennsylvania, we are deeply aware of the importance of our professional reputation. Every client and every case give us another opportunity to demonstrate our work ethic and integrity. As lawyers possessing in-depth knowledge of the law, we bring a passionate commitment to representation of our clients' best interests.

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Gordon & Dennison: A Full-Service General Practice With A Focus On Personal Injury

Injured people and their families select our law firm because:

  • We are experienced, and our experience extends to the other side of the fence. We represent the injured, and we handle cases for the defense. This dual focus of our work gives us the keen insights we need to present our clients' claims and lawsuits.
  • Our personal injury practice is litigation-focused. When you select us to represent you, you can be reassured we will be ready to take your case to trial.
  • We get results. A multimillion-dollar case outcome is not unheard of in our law practice.

Our Well-Established Personal Injury Practice

Gordon & Dennison represents people who have suffered serious injuries in car, truck and motorcycle accidents; in slip-and-fall and other premises liability cases; in dog bites and general accidental injury cases; and through nursing home negligence and medical malpractice. Physical and emotional recovery is up to you, your loved ones and your doctors, but our support can make a great difference. The goal in every personal injury case at our firm is to help the injured person and his or her family recover as fully as is legally and financially feasible.

Other Practice Areas: Estates, Business Law, Real Estate And More

While this website highlights our personal injury practice, Gordon & Dennison has also earned a place in the community by handling other, diverse legal matters. Our services include estate planning and probate, business and commercial law, real estate and many other legal areas.

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