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Lawyers Recovering Compensation For Your Injuries

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Personal injury law encompasses a great many situations that can usually be summarized as follows:

  • Someone was injured and needs compensation to aid in recovery.
  • Another person or legal entity is negligent or otherwise liable to compensate the injured.
  • A thorough investigation is the key to accident reconstruction.
  • Well-documented evidence may result in a successful case outcome through litigation or settlement.
  • An experienced trial lawyer can make or break a case.

At Gordon & Dennison, we offer clients the opportunity to be represented by attorneys with experience working for both the defense and the plaintiff. Our depth of knowledge regarding how claims work on both sides gives our clients a strategic edge. Along with this experience, we bring our work ethic and drive for success. We work closely with clients through all phases of a case.

Stakes Are High After A Serious Accidental Injury

No one expects to suffer a personal injury. A car accident or a slip-and-fall accident is a major life event, particularly if it causes a catastrophic injury. From that moment on, recovery is a critical goal. Medical bills and lost wages create hardships for many people after an injury. Pain and suffering take their toll as well. Gordon & Dennison supports clients through these challenges with skillful representation after injuries caused by:

We also represent family members after fatal accidents. We can bring a wrongful death claim for you after the loss of a loved one in an auto or bike accident, a premises liability case or any type of accident involving catastrophic injuries or death.

How Can We Help You? We Are Available To Evaluate Your Case Now.

Let us explain what you can do for yourself after an accident and what we can do for you beginning right away. While we are not a workers’ compensation firm, we can evaluate your work injury case to determine whether you may bring a third-party liability claim against a negligent party.

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