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What Should You Do If You’ve Been In An Accident

After An Accident, Take These Steps To Facilitate Your Recovery

An accident that triggers a medical emergency also triggers financial and legal matters to be resolved. Naturally, physical recovery is the top priority, but other issues can be just as important in the long run. For your convenience, we offer this list of steps you should take after a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident or an injury occurring in connection with medical care.

  • First and foremost: Get prompt, top-notch emergency medical treatment for the injured. Call an ambulance if necessary. Even while you wait for emergency medical technicians (EMTs) to arrive, you may apply first aid to the injured. If in doubt about what to do, call 911.
  • During the immediate aftermath of the accident, gather any evidence you can at the scene. Photos, weather reports, eyewitness descriptions of road conditions and contact information of bystanders can all contribute to your case when your personal injury lawyer files an injury claim or lawsuit on your behalf. Keep track of where the wrecked vehicle goes, if possible. Your lawyer can take steps to prevent it from being altered or destroyed before your personal injury case gets underway.
  • Protect your rights and those of the injured by exercising caution in communications. Do not put graphic photos or detailed information about the accident or injuries on social media. Beyond the basics, do not give lengthy statements to police investigators or insurance company representatives. Instead, wait until you have a personal injury lawyer to advise you or take over communications for you. You can hurt your case without knowing it by saying too much too soon to the wrong people.
  • Beware of quick settlement offers from the other side. This is a common pressure tactic of insurance companies seeking to limit their liability in accident cases. Consult with us as soon as possible to learn how to protect your right to fair compensation. Do not sign anything before you have a lawyer on your side.
  • Talk to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. You are under no obligation when you have a consultation with our firm. You can learn a lot right away and still take time to decide what you should do. If we represent you after you have been injured, you will not owe attorneys’ fees until we recover compensation for you. There is no risk in consulting with us and getting the information you need right now.
  • Schedule your consultation now. Call 814-759-4029 or email us through this website for a prompt response. From our Brookville, Pennsylvania, law offices, we are here for you. Ask us what to do if you’ve been in an accident.

This list is not intended to be legal advice specific to your case, but rather general guidance. To learn about your legal rights and how we at Gordon & Dennison can help, please call 814-759-4029 or send an email message. We will gladly prioritize your urgent questions after an accidental injury.