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Reviewing Your Estate Plan Is Important

Last updated on January 8, 2021

Many people may not want to worry about their estate plan once they create and establish a will or trust. However, it is crucial not only to continually review your plan, but also to update it to reflect your current situation, wishes and desires.

At Gordon & Dennison, we can help you modify your estate plan whenever necessary. We have comprehensive knowledge of many estate planning matters thanks to our attorneys’ combined experience of over 65 years. Your family values are our priority, and our attorneys provide personal and thoughtful attention to all our clients in western Pennsylvania and Jefferson County.

When Is It Time To Update An Estate Plan?

Change is inevitable in life. Therefore, it is essential to review and update your estate plan regularly, especially if there are any changes to your life circumstances.

Some reasons to update your plan may include:

  • The addition of a child or grandchild to your family
  • A child or grandchild reaching adulthood
  • The divorce or remarriage of spouses
  • A new illness or disability of a family member
  • The death or illness of a guardian or executor
  • Significant change in assets or wealth
  • Changes to Pennsylvania or federal law

Gordon & Dennison can help you properly revise your will to avoid confusion or disputes during probate. It is our goal to facilitate the estate planning process and reduce any anxieties you may have about your family’s future. We carefully craft and edit estate plans to preserve your legacy.

Lawyers Who Address All Your Estate Planning Concerns

We understand that you want to provide for your family after you are gone. Establishing and consistently updating your estate plan can protect their future interests. You and your family deserve peace of mind — let us help you achieve it.

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