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How Do I Know If I Need A Trust?

Many people might avoid writing a will because it feels too final, or because they feel it is too stressful and complicated a process. However, planning your estate is an important step in avoiding future disputes or confusion among family members. There are many ways to establish an estate plan, one of them being a trust.

At Gordon & Dennison, our experienced attorneys help facilitate the estate planning process for families throughout Jefferson County and western Pennsylvania. In helping you create a trust, we strive to ease anxieties and resolve any concerns you may have regarding your family’s future. Every family is unique, and our firm provides personalized care and attention to preserve your family values through the creation of trusts.

The Benefits Of Trusts

If you have a will, you may wonder why you need a trust. Although trusts and wills are similar, they offer different benefits. Both can help someone make decisions regarding their property or loved ones when they are no longer able to do so themselves. However, where a will goes into effect only when the testator passes, a trust can go into effect whenever you deem necessary.

Trusts are often very helpful for business owners as well. Customized trusts can secure a business’s assets, ownership rights and tax savings.

Helping You Plan For The Future

There may be benefits to writing a trust. With our individualized approach, the lawyers at Gordon & Dennison can help you decide your best options.

You can call our Brookville offices at 814-759-4029 or contact us online and schedule a consultation to discuss your estate plan today.