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Forming A Corporation Or Limited Liability Company

Last updated on January 7, 2021

Entering the business world involves a significant amount of documentation, organization and negotiation. The dream of forming your own business could seem overwhelming because of these complex details and decisions.

At Gordon & Dennison, we are committed to protecting the dreams and investments of business owners in Jefferson County and western Pennsylvania. Our attorneys have experience advising business formations and can support you through the entire process. With over 65 years of combined experience at your disposal, we provide knowledgeable counsel to craft protection plans and avoid obstacles when forming your business. We tailor our approach to your financial needs and business goals.

The Process Of Forming A Business

One of the first decisions to make when forming a business concerns the structure. The lawyers at Gordon & Dennison can help clients form:

  • Corporation: This structure defines the company as a single legal body and has a board of directors.
  • Limited liability company (LLC): Where corporations can be public or private, LLCs are almost always private. The business owners who form an LLC are a team of members and must establish an operating agreement.

Our support for your business does not end at the structural decision. We can also assist business owners in:

  • Creating contracts
  • Making finance plans
  • Negotiating agreements
  • Ensuring compliance

When forming a business, it is just as important to plan for failure as it is to plan for success. We can help you take the necessary precautions to avoid potential obstacles and reduce risks.

Proactive Business Counsel

Gordon & Dennison will safeguard the future of your business. We aid in the proper and mindful formation of businesses to avoid potential business litigation issues.

Call 814-759-4029 to discuss your business formation concerns today at our law office in Brookville. Or, contact us online to arrange an appointment.