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Wrongful death case against ambulance company settled

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Personal Injury |

It is always difficult to get over a serious injury. It is even harder to get past the loss of a loved one. Although money can never make things right, it can help families reset their future and possibly prevent systemic causes of injury or death from affecting more people.

In some cases, the people and systems meant to help us in our hardest moments can let us down due to negligence or other problems. A woman who sued an ambulance company in Philadelphia has settled her case. She claimed that the company’s staff caused her father to suffer a fatal injury.

The suit claimed that the man’s head injury occurred when he fell while he was being transported in an ambulance and that the fall should have been prevented by the company’s staff. Pennsylvania’s laws concerning wrongful death and survivor actions allowed this claim in civil court, which heard the case.

The defendant settled the case, which originally sought damages for negligence and wrongful death as well as fees and costs related to filing the case. A jury was never convened. It’s relatively common in civil cases seeking financial damages for the plaintiffs and defendants to settle. Defendants often feel it best not to go through the trouble and expense of a jury trial.

People who have suffered an injury caused by someone else, or the survivors of people killed by the negligence or actions of others always have the ability to seek compensation for expenses and damages. An experienced attorney can provide valuable assistance in pursuing a case.