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Tips to help you cope after abruptly receiving divorce papers

Some Pennsylvania divorces begin after weeks or months of resolution attempts by the couple. Other times, learning that a spouse desires a divorce occurs rather abruptly. Often, one spouse knows nothing about a wish for divorce until he or she receives divorce papers. As you might expect, receiving this news so unexpectedly can take the wind out of your sails.

Whiplash injuries are common in motor vehicle accidents

One of the most pressing concerns for injured motor vehicle accident victims is missing work during recovery. In most cases, financial hardship is the main impetus for personal injury lawsuits centered on motor vehicle accidents. Victims need to pay their bills while recovering, but the lack of income makes this difficult if not impossible.

Make sure your commercial lease does not expose you to risks

It's not easy to find a commercial space that is suitable for the needs of your Pennsylvania business. When do to find a place to lease that works for your company and fits your budget, you may feel tempted to go ahead and sign on the dotted line as soon as possible. It is smartest, however, to take your time and make sure that your commercial lease is not exposing you to any potential risks in the future.

Overcoming liability waivers that block personal injury claims

You have likely signed at least one waiver that is being used to absolve an entity from responsibility for a personal injury. If your child brought home a liability waiver for a field trip, you probably looked it over quickly and then signed it without much thought. Most summer camps require campers to sign a similar waiver before they can use the property.

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